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My name is Erin Kerr, and I'm so glad you're here. 

I am a deep believer in the Beauty of the People. That the Light from which each of us sprang, lies within, even if it seems buried deeply. When we meet in the liminal space of healing, we touch the Great Possibility that is our highest potential and, awed by its magnificence, draw it into ourselves that we may walk it out in the world. I would love nothing more than to walk with you in your journey.

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Step into the Sacred

Listen Deeply. Work Deeply. Heal Deeply.

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About Me

I have been dancing with Spirit for most of my life and co-creating with and for the People professionally for over 10 years.  Some of my cherished memories working with Spirit include facilitating Shamanic Drumming Circles, workshops creating Medicine Drums, teaching Reiki and Shamanism classes and doing hands-on healing work with Shamanic Reiki.

Through my love for Spirit and healing, I have woven my Reiki and Shamanic training into my own style of Shamanic Reiki to help serve others on a whole new level.


It is Deep. It is Powerful. It is Beauty in Action.

I’m Erin Kerr, Soaring Hawk Woman

Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, Coach and Ceremonialist


Click below to read my full story. 

Journey With Me

It is my soul’s mission is to walk with you as you come home to yourself, discovering and embracing your incredible Potential. Let's cross the threshold together. I invite you to look through My Offerings and feel into what resonates with you.

My Offerings

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Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Program

Registration Is Open!

Embrace Your Calling and Step onto the Healer's Path. The World Needs you Now, More than Ever.

In this 12 month online intensive, students learn Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3, meet and develop relationships with shamanic healing guides and move from simple self-healing techniques through to advanced shamanic healing, like Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp.

Through our journey together, we will sink deeply into the Medicine teachings of Shamanism and Reiki, and learn how to hold powerful healing space for others.

Starts March 21, 2022

*Limit of 12 Students. Registration is open through March 20, 2022.

Jouorney With Me
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What Others Say About Me

"Had a wonderful session with Erin earlier today, we did some really big work. Erin holds space beautifully and knew exactly what needed to be done and when in order to best facilitate my healing journey. Thank you Erin!"

— Julie P

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Back Into the Light of Day

I love you even though we may not have met.

I love you fiercely and devotedly.

I love the parts of you that you love and show to the world with pride.

I love the parts of you that you shy away from and hold in shame.

I love the totality of you, and together we will bring more of you Back Into the Light of Day. 

Let me support, guide, and hold space for you along your journey. Click below to book your Free Connect Call.

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Free Centering Exercise

When we move through the world from our Centre, we are truly living in our Power. The Centre is the place inside us that connects to our High Self and all the wisdom that part of Self possesses. In this Guided Centering Exercise, you will learn where your centre is (spoiler, it’s not the heart!). You will learn how to gather your Life Force Energy here and how to Listen Deeply to the great wisdom within you.

If you only learn one thing from me, let it be this. Fill out the form below to get your free download.

Thank you Beautiful One, now please check your inbox for the download link!

(If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder.)

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Connect Together on Instagram

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