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Shamanic Reiki Practitioner Program

Embrace Your Calling and Step Into the Next Level of Your Evolution as a Being of Light!

Starts July 25, 2022

"This program has forever changed me in a good way. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to grow and learn in a supportive, safe and loving environment."
Shanah A.

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Presented by Erin Kerr,

Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, Coach and Ceremonialist

I have been dancing with Spirit for most of my life and co-creating with and for the People professionally for over 10 years.  Some of my cherished memories working with Spirit include facilitating Shamanic Drumming Circles, workshops creating Medicine Drums, teaching Reiki and Shamanism classes and doing hands-on healing work with Shamanic Reiki.

Through weaving my Reiki and Shamanic trainings together, I have cultivated a new way to go deeply into the Medicine, a new way to hold community, and a new way to be in Service for the People. It is deep. It is powerful. It is Beauty in Action. Spirit is calling, the world needs these teachings and the time is now. 

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Be sure to watch my Welcome Video where I share about my journey into creating and birthing this beautiful program, and feature all the teachings and offerings you will receive throughout our 12-month journey together.

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Welcome Video
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About The Program

Sink deeply into the Medicine teachings and learn to hold healing space for others. In this 12 month online intensive, students learn Reiki Levels 1, 2 & 3, meet and develop relationships with shamanic healing guides and move from simple self-healing techniques through to advanced shamanic healing, like Soul Retrieval and Psychopomp. 

*Limit of 12 Students. Registration is open through July 24, 2022.

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Monthly Breakdown

Because we will be diving deeply into all aspects of a grounded, balanced Shamanic Reiki practice, I felt it was important to structure this program in a way that allows the space and time needed to fully embody your energetic growth throughout each stage of the program. I invite you to watch my video below to learn more about how and why I created the structure of this 12-month program.

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Below, you will see a basic breakdown of everything we will be learning during our sacred time together, including weekly group coaching calls and access to monthly Private Coaching Sessions!



Reiki Level 1

  • 4 Attunements

  • History, Practical Use

  • Hands On Self Healing

  • Guided Self Healing Sessions


Intro into Shamanism

  • What is Shamanism

  • How it shows up across cultures and time

  • Meet Power Animal and Healing Animal

  • Practical Journey Work

  • Healing Ceremony

  • Guided Self Healing Session


Smudging & Clearing

  • The 4 Directions Smudge 

  • Additional Ingredients

  • How I blend and burn my smudge (no charcoal or smudge sticks!)

  • Blend your own smudge with your Sacred Creation Package smudge kit. 

  • Guided Self Healing Session


5, 6 & 7

Reiki Level 2

  • 4 Attunements

  • 3 Symbols, how to draw and use them

  • Energy Ethics

  • Healing with Others

  • Distance Healing

  • Advanced Techniques

  • Guided Healing Sessions with a Client



  • Build a Medicine Rattle

  • Build a Medicine Drum

  • Wake Your Medicine Tools in Journey

  • Ecstatic Trance 

  • Drumming for Yourself

  • Drum Healing with Others, 

  • Guided Healing Session with a Client


Spirit Lawyering

(Working on Behalf of your Client in Spirit)

  • Learn the Power Animal Retrieval Journey

  • Client Coaching

  • Guided Healing Session with Client


Advanced Shamanic Healing Techniques

  • Curse Unraveling

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Practice with Each Other

  • Guided Healing Session with Client



  • What is Psychopomp?

  • Meeting the Gatekeeper and Psychopomp Guides

  • Practical Uses of Psychopomp (In places and people)

  • Guided Healing Session with a Client 


Reiki Level 3

  • 2 Attunements

  • 4th Symbol

  • Stepping into the Spiritual Nature of Reiki

  • Spiritual Acceleration 

  • Embodying Shamanic Reiki

  • Graduation and Celebrations!!


Rest & Integrate

To allow space for you to rest and integrate the teachings and materials, there will be two, 2-week breaks during the 12-month duration of the program:

July 11th - 22nd, 2022

November 14th - 25th, 2022 

Classes Begin July 25, 2022

*Limit of 12 Students. Registration is open through July 24, 2022.

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What Others Are Saying About Me


Erin is a beautiful soul, filled with so much love and passion for what she does, she’s forever encouraging and supportive, someone you can completely trust!

Shanah A.

Erin someone who sits in beautiful integrity with Spirit. I’ve recommended her many times to family and friends working on their healing journey. Erin embodies a lovely balance of the sacred and the practical; she is generous, compassionate, kind and flexible in her teaching approach.

Cara C.

My recent experience in Erin's coaching program was an amazing, gentle, and enlightening time. I got new tools for my spiritual toolchest, and all of them were used in group, and we were encouraged to use them on our own time, and make our own habits around them, if we were called to it. I was able to offer support to my fellow pathmates, while feeling supported by them, too. Erin's manner is gentle, leading without imposing. Teaching in the sense of having each one of us access our own wisdom, while still honouring age-old traditions. This time with her has been soul-enriching, and awakening. I would not only recommend her courses to other people, but I expect I will be taking a few more in the near future.

Ivannia H.

Erin is a wonderful teacher! She is patient and understanding yet guides you to dig deeper to have success in your healing journey.  I had little experience with drumming circles when I first started her class and by the end I was journeying with little guidance. In her class I felt heard and understood. The one on one sessions with her left me feeling focused and down right amazing! 10/10 would recommend.

Trudy H. 

"Erin, I really appreciate your insight into the individuality of everyone’s path and the opportunity to each weave our own blanket within the context of Shamanic practice."

Joan S.

"Thank you so much for sharing.., I love you! I’ve had so many aha moments!"

Shona H.


"I kept an open mind and heart, and closed my eyes and just LetGo and listened to Erin’s voice, and Connected to Spirit in a more unique Way than ever before."

Eric J.

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Reserve Your Spot

Embrace Your Calling

You hear your soul, beckoning you into action. It’s time to answer the call! 

Drop deeply into your Truth and feel your sense of belonging, of Purpose. Feel the pull of your Guides and Ancestors drawing you forward. The world needs you, now, more than ever. 

The Healer within you is ready to serve. Let’s build the tool kit together, shall we?

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Program Start Date:

July 25, 2022


Limit of 12 Students

Registration is open through July 24, 2022

Course Value


*Are you my Reiki student? Get $111 off per Reiki Level. Contact me for your special discount.

*Learn how to get 10% off or start a Payment Plan below

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Payment Options

Pay in Full


Use code: SACRED10

to save $600 when you pay upfront.

Total Payment $5,400


Split Payments


Use Code: SACRED12

to pay $500 monthly for 12 months, starting from the time of purchase.


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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